Monday, July 30, 2012

Nature Day :)

Last night we found a new reserve just a short 10 minute walk away so today we spent our day out at the reserve feeding the ducks & playing on the playgrounds. However this post will link up everything within the past few days that I have missed out on :)

So the other day we lost our power & in a house full of silence makes me blank for ideas, so I just raided the craft cupboard & had a 'bit of everything craft' morning until the electrician came to fix it all up - it looked a little something like this -
We coloured some dinosaur fact sheets, we did some drawings on paper bags & then did some rice pictures too. Oh and lets not forget our duck bills (pictured below) we made out of some foam inserts I had left from some shoes I had bought a while ago :)

We made an octopus snack - with 7 legs because we couldn't fit the 8th leg on the plate :L

 I made a '100+ activities - you're not bored' jar by printing a list of 115 things to do in any weather, in any place, at any time & the cutting and pasting each thing to a paddle pop stick :)

And here is just some photo's of our trip to the new found reserve today :)

 And last but not least we did some Olympic inspired printings & I taught the kids a few pictures they could make with fingerprints :)
 I hope you find something worth looking at and/or trying :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're Back! :)

Alright so we have been a little MIA lately while I have been dealing with family issues & sorting out the house & such. But now we are hopefully back to keep you all updated :)

Today we had a lunch fit for a fairy (in size that is) which I made out of a few wafer bites, mini toast, cheese & a hundreds & thousands cookie :)

Then we made some paper bag fishies...

Then we drew a big picture with a twist - we taped our markers to toy cars :) The kidlets loved it! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Delayed But Worth It!

 So this week has been a little busy, been getting the house re-organized & been having quite a lot of family time together. But here is a quick summary of our week. :)

The kidlets played 'pirates & princesses' in the backyard :) They had a blast & even made their own little story out of it which was pretty cute.

We had a scavenger hunt during one of our trips to the park :) We used out cardboard roll telescopes to find the things on our 'treasures' list :)

We did bubble wrap paintings by cutting shapes out of bubble wrap, dipping them in paint & pressing them onto paper like stamps :)

We made 'me! me! me!' pictures by tracing around each other on large sheets of butcher paper then decorating our silhouettes with all of our favourite things :)

I made them kite sandwiches with banana snowflakes since it is still winter here :)

And last but not least I made the kidlets scuba diver sandwiches :) 

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, life has been getting fairly busy but definitely not boring! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy Little Day :)

 So this morning this little mummah woke up with this most shocking headache making creativity a little stunted for the day but here is a little summary of our day anyway :)

 We had helmet head sandwiches for lunch :)

 And snow plow bikkies for morning tea :)

 We made kites out of plastic bags, some yarn & some streamers :) This kept the kidlets busy for HOURS!

And we made snake bubbles using a rubber band which held a face washer over the end of a bottle which I had cut off. We dipped the face washer end into some bubble mix I had made - 2 parts detergent to 1 part water - and then blew through the cap end of the bottle making a snake-like stream of bubbles :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Being Sick With Tiny Terrors Isn't Easy!

Just a quick summary of what has happened in the past 11 days that I have been in hiding! I apologize for the big delay between posts, been sick, raising kidlets, maintaining the household & keeping the business on track - very time consuming I can tell you that! Anyhoo here is what we have been up to :)

 We used butcher paper from our craft cupboard to lay down & trace around each other then decorate inside the tracings with our favourite things :)

We had a little role play fun in the back yard while the sun was out :)

I made the kidlets a man made out of apple & blueberries :)

Made hermit crabs out of croissants, apple, marshmallows & a cut up straw :)

A crab out of an apple & strawberry :)

Sail boat sandwiches :)

And a dump truck sandwich :)

Looking back I noticed I kind of went into an ocean theme for 2 days worth of food which the kidlets didn't mind, they both LOVE fish & anything found underwater so I guess it was a win-win situation :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Been Busy & Neglecting The Blog :L

Things have been busy in my life however there isn't much to report so I thought I might just upload a few of my favorite foods & crafts from the past that aren't yet on here but can be found on my Facebook page.

A Strawberry Shortcake Snake :)

 Rainbow Skewers :)

Strawberry Race Cars :)

 Good Old Paddle Pop Boxes :)

Cotton Ball Snow Men :)

Bubble Art :)

All these things have been put up on my Facebook page a little while ago, I didn't have much to share these past few days but at least you had something to look at :)