Saturday, July 14, 2012

Being Sick With Tiny Terrors Isn't Easy!

Just a quick summary of what has happened in the past 11 days that I have been in hiding! I apologize for the big delay between posts, been sick, raising kidlets, maintaining the household & keeping the business on track - very time consuming I can tell you that! Anyhoo here is what we have been up to :)

 We used butcher paper from our craft cupboard to lay down & trace around each other then decorate inside the tracings with our favourite things :)

We had a little role play fun in the back yard while the sun was out :)

I made the kidlets a man made out of apple & blueberries :)

Made hermit crabs out of croissants, apple, marshmallows & a cut up straw :)

A crab out of an apple & strawberry :)

Sail boat sandwiches :)

And a dump truck sandwich :)

Looking back I noticed I kind of went into an ocean theme for 2 days worth of food which the kidlets didn't mind, they both LOVE fish & anything found underwater so I guess it was a win-win situation :)

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