Monday, July 30, 2012

Nature Day :)

Last night we found a new reserve just a short 10 minute walk away so today we spent our day out at the reserve feeding the ducks & playing on the playgrounds. However this post will link up everything within the past few days that I have missed out on :)

So the other day we lost our power & in a house full of silence makes me blank for ideas, so I just raided the craft cupboard & had a 'bit of everything craft' morning until the electrician came to fix it all up - it looked a little something like this -
We coloured some dinosaur fact sheets, we did some drawings on paper bags & then did some rice pictures too. Oh and lets not forget our duck bills (pictured below) we made out of some foam inserts I had left from some shoes I had bought a while ago :)

We made an octopus snack - with 7 legs because we couldn't fit the 8th leg on the plate :L

 I made a '100+ activities - you're not bored' jar by printing a list of 115 things to do in any weather, in any place, at any time & the cutting and pasting each thing to a paddle pop stick :)

And here is just some photo's of our trip to the new found reserve today :)

 And last but not least we did some Olympic inspired printings & I taught the kids a few pictures they could make with fingerprints :)
 I hope you find something worth looking at and/or trying :)


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