Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quick Art & Craft Mix

For this post I'm just going to share a few snap shots of our craft since my last post. These crafts are pretty self explanatory hence why I have jammed them all into the one post :)

Sponge painting is first on the list! It's as simple as lying out paper (we covered their rumpus table with butcher paper), some paint & some sponge balls & mixed shapes! Nothing to it. :)

Spray painting! We just diluted some paints in spray bottles, hung up some paper & let them go nuts! :)

 Straw necklaces! :) Just cut up straws & string - simple! :)

 Snap painting - Rubber bands around a box, covered in paint. place some paper in the box & snap the bands to make the paint splat on the page. :)

Butterfly paintings :) Everyone knows how to do this one! :)

Quiet blocks - sponge shapes for building blocks!

Cotton ball painting! :) 

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Sensory Bin - Rolled Oats

I have been a little MIA lately with a few personal & business issues but I'll get everyone up to date with our week! :)

We did some rolled oats play. I set out some play kitchen tools & some little containers for them to fill. This activity literally cost me $1.19, we just bought one large bag of Coles branded rolled oats & it filled half of the 5 litre box. I find it less messy yet the perfect amount when the tubs we use for sensory are half full :) Have you ever felt the feeling of rolled oats running through your hands? It's wonderful! It's not what you'd expect from oat, I had been expecting something crunchy, but it wasn't, it felt silky & smooth & held the cold so it was a really nice feeling as it ran through my hands (yes, I play with the sensory bins too!). Anyway here are some snap shots of the sensory play :)

It was great fun! If you like this idea, you can find many more on our Facebook page! I update my Facebook more often than my blog :L (shocking I know!)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Just One Of Those Days.

I'm not quite sure why I am writing this here or what I am expecting from this post. Support maybe? Or maybe a little reassurance that I am not the only one? Maybe I just needed to let it all out before I exploded into something so horribly wrong that no adult nor child deserves to see. Anyway..

I'm just at my limit, I'm at a loss for what to do, what to say, what to think. I feel I'm fighting a battle alone & although I have the ability to reach out to family - however there is few - and I have my two beautiful kidlets with me every day and my partner is always available for support - when he isn't at work - I just feel like when I need the support, when I need the reassurance, nobody is around at all, it's like at the most important times I disappear into an abyss where I cannot see anyone and nobody can see me. I have become so overwhelmed with this business, this parenting, this houses renovations - which are needed & well overdue - this same continuing loop. I was doing so fine. I found out I was expecting my daughter at 14 years old. I struggled through & made my way, I knew it was my job to give this little girl the best life I could possibly give, that her life lied in my hands. I was far from ready to be a mother but I was not prepared to give up before I tried. My little princess arrived on easter weekend of 2009.

Me (15) and Arianna (14 hours old)

I persevered, I built a house, I made that house a home, I gave up a childhood that I never got the chance to live because I pounced right into motherhood. It wasn't long before I found out I was expecting again - 8 weeks later in fact! I was having a boy, my first born son, a little prince to join my princess & I'll admit I was terrified considering I was still 15, but I was over the moon to have another mini me on the way. I didn't have a normal 16th birthday, I was pregnant so unable to consume alcohol and since most of my 'friends' bailed on me during my first pregnancy I didn't exactly have many people to even invite.  On Valentines Day 2010, my little man showed his face for the very first time. 

Me (16) and Jaylen (1 month old)

Since becoming a mother I have given up a lot - my education, my job, my family, my friends, my alone time, my peace, my sanity, my childhood. But in saying that I have also gained a lot - 2 amazing kidlets, my own home, independence, stronger understanding of love, long term goals, a business. As much as my kidlets make me smile & make me happy, I have lately felt at a loss at what to do, it's like time slipped from between us & they grew from little cherubs to children overnight. Some days I wish there was a way to stunt their growth, to keep them children forever, because it seems the more they grow the more distant & alone I feel. They have become so independent & so full of attitude in more ways bad than good that I just don't know quite how to get by most of the time.

Arianna (2) and Jaylen (14 months) - He snuck into her bed during an afternoon nap.

They went from playing nicely and teaching each other new tricks to yelling and fighting and back chat. Every day is a constant battle from one task to another. From fighting over one single teddy (even if there is 2 identical teddies), to stealing one anothers' food, to bashing each other over small things like where one of them may be sitting or standing - I'm just lost & confused & upset. Arianna is now 3.5 years old, she never had the 'terrible twos' phase, she was a wonderful child, and I feel awful as a mother to now feel conflicted when it comes to choosing to call her wonderful or horrendous, because some days I just get so lost in all this built up anger caused by misbehavior that I really don't know what I think of her. It hurts more than anything I could even word to hear such a beautiful little girl, my own daughter scream at me and tell me to 'shut up' or yell no as she slams her bedroom door. I'm not sure what little demon has possessed my darling little daughter but I just wish it would find somewhere else to live because it has overstayed it's welcome. Her horrible attitude is rubbing off on Jaylen, he is now 2.5 years old, everything for him is lead by example so this god awful behavior is just starting to show in him & I'm truly terrified of what may become in the near future. 

Arianna (3) and Jaylen (2) ready to feed the ducks.

They truly are wonderful children & as a mother & a normal human being I love them beyond comprehension. They are so unique in their own way & so wonderfully talented & smart. I just feel so overwhelmed sometimes. I never get me-time unless they are asleep at night, I never get the chance to have a breather, My nights are spent crying out the anger so that I don't ruin their days with my emotions. I am now 18 years old, I have no friends, no social life, no family support - what I have is my kidlets, my partner & my house, in a state where I know 2 people in total, where nobody offers support or acceptance because they are too busy in their own lives to give a damn about anyone else. I try my hardest to give my children the life I never had. I never had a bond with my parents so I try my best to build a bond stronger than cement between me & them.

Jaylen (2), Arianna (3) & me (18) having a silly photo shoot.

I'm just feeling like I'm slipping, like the bond I thought I was building I have actually been tearing away all along. Nothing can come between them, they are joined at the hip and every time I see them hugging or holding hands it takes every ounce of strength I have to not break down into tears because no matter how awful & naughty they have been through out the day, no matter how out of control I feel, it's the little things like that which remind me they are only children, they are my children & I cannot stay mad at them forever & they won't ever truly disappoint me no matter how upset their actions make me. Being a teenage mother of 2 without support is a hard job & I would never advise it but I would also never trade it for the world. I am not seeking sympathy by posting this, simply just needed a vent, somewhere to let off steam, and a lot of confusion, pain, anger, hurt & empathy. So if you have made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read a summary of my current battle & how lonesome yet rewarding it is. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crafty Kidlet Linky Party #1

I am very proud to be hosting my very first Crafty Kidlet Linky Party! I have been due to start this for a while but have just been a little side tracked with many other things. Feel free to link up anything kidlet related, anything kidlet orientated, anything fun! Just go link crazy! :) The links I would like to share for this first week for the linky party are 2 of my own crafty links & one from Mama's Style :)

Fizzy Fun from Mama's Style is definitely something I have been eager to try with my kidlets! :)

I'm also going to share Big Squarey Bubbles from my blog. :)

And my final link for this first week will be our Apple Man :)

Feel free to add your links to anything you have created or gotten up to with your kidlets this week and be sure to check out any other links as well, you never know what you may find! And don't forget to find us on Facebook :)

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Rockmelon Roses & Watermelon Puzzles :)

Alright so this post is just a little gloat because this afternoon as I was using my sandwich cutters to make watermelon puzzle pieces with rock melon (cantaloupe for all those overseas) 'love' letters on them, I looked to the side of the cutting board & there was a thinly sliced off-cut of rock melon. After staring at it for a while I started to wonder if I could make a rose by rolling it up. So once I finished making the puzzle pieces, I grabbed the off-cut and gave it a go. It came out so amazing, I was (and still am!) so pleased with the outcome. So here is our afternoon tea.

And here is the close up of the rose. :)
They came out so great I just had to share it! :)

Home Made Big Bubble Maker :)

Today we saw sunshine! Yes, we actually saw a full day of sun! So me & the kidlets were straight out there soaking up the sun while it lasted. I thought it was the perfect day for bubbles which Miss Ari has been asking to do for about a week now but we've been trapped indoors. So I thought I'd put a twist on basic bubble making & make them bigger & a little more hands on so this is what I did.

Get 2 straws, a piece of string 4 times the length of the straw (doesn't matter what kind of string). Cut the bendy part of the straw off so that you have 2 straight clean parts of the straw. Thread your string straight through both straws then tie a knot at the end of the string. Put the string so that the knot slips into one of the straws & you're all set :) Dip the straws & string into bubble mix then pull them out & separate the straws & bam! You got a big square bubble :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fathers Day Part One :)

So here in Australia Father's Day is just around the corner (well, just under 4 weeks away) and my partner won't be with us as he is traveling back up north to spend the week with his mother for her birthday. So we have gotten Father's Day crafts underway so that we can post them up to daddy in time for the special day :) We have started with this mini hand made scrapbook. I have put up a picture of each page to show you an example with our book if you wanted ideas to make your own. :)

Front Cover :)

 Page 1 :)

 Page 2 :)

 Page 3 :)

 Page 4 :)

 Page 5 :)

 Page 6 :)

Back Cover :)

Keep an eye out for the rest of our fathers day crafts in the posts over the next few days & if you liked this post feel free to find us on Facebook :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Balloon Balls & String Painting :)

So our efforts today went to making a rice filled balloon ball :) The catch was - we had no funnels to do it! We managed to get it done though, after A LOT of spilled rice :L But here is the experience broken down :)

 Ready to go :)

 Rice & balloons ready to be transformed :)

 Look mummy! I'm doing it! :)
 Look at what I made!

The finished product :)

Then we did some string painting which yes, got very messy. it went from string painting to hand prints to finger painting :)

 Yes, I always get in on the fun! :)

 Is this right mummy? :)

This is our finished artworks :) It really was fun & I really enjoyed the kids faces when they seen me pull the string from the paint pot - they were so intrigued!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

From Nature Day To Nature Week

So this week has been a little hectic for us all as a family but we pulled through. The weeks been packed with exploring nature & me looking into all avenues of home-schooling that I could to find research to further base my choice on. So during our fast paced week this is what we got up to :)

 Grape & orange butterflies :)

 Jaylen had fun exploring the rosemary we planted a few short months ago. The smell it left on his hands made him rather interested & excited, he kept going back to rub his hands over the rosemary then smell his hands - it was wonderful! :)

 Then he found this leaf & was amazed at how big it was & just demanded that I looked & took a photo :)
 Then he found a rose :) He picked it & handed it to me then said "you're welcome mummy." My little boy is becoming a gentleman! :)

Then the kidlets & I made colourful cloud dough :)

We are a busy little family, between my business, the kidlets growing every day & maintaining a household, times do tend to get too busy to remember to blog everyday but feel free to follow our Facebook page ---> Creative Kidlets 101 <--- as it is updated far more often than my blog sadly!