Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sensory Bin - Rolled Oats

I have been a little MIA lately with a few personal & business issues but I'll get everyone up to date with our week! :)

We did some rolled oats play. I set out some play kitchen tools & some little containers for them to fill. This activity literally cost me $1.19, we just bought one large bag of Coles branded rolled oats & it filled half of the 5 litre box. I find it less messy yet the perfect amount when the tubs we use for sensory are half full :) Have you ever felt the feeling of rolled oats running through your hands? It's wonderful! It's not what you'd expect from oat, I had been expecting something crunchy, but it wasn't, it felt silky & smooth & held the cold so it was a really nice feeling as it ran through my hands (yes, I play with the sensory bins too!). Anyway here are some snap shots of the sensory play :)

It was great fun! If you like this idea, you can find many more on our Facebook page! I update my Facebook more often than my blog :L (shocking I know!)

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  1. my youngest loved having a sandpit clam filled with wheat - so soothing all that sensory play!