Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quick Art & Craft Mix

For this post I'm just going to share a few snap shots of our craft since my last post. These crafts are pretty self explanatory hence why I have jammed them all into the one post :)

Sponge painting is first on the list! It's as simple as lying out paper (we covered their rumpus table with butcher paper), some paint & some sponge balls & mixed shapes! Nothing to it. :)

Spray painting! We just diluted some paints in spray bottles, hung up some paper & let them go nuts! :)

 Straw necklaces! :) Just cut up straws & string - simple! :)

 Snap painting - Rubber bands around a box, covered in paint. place some paper in the box & snap the bands to make the paint splat on the page. :)

Butterfly paintings :) Everyone knows how to do this one! :)

Quiet blocks - sponge shapes for building blocks!

Cotton ball painting! :) 

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