Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Made Big Bubble Maker :)

Today we saw sunshine! Yes, we actually saw a full day of sun! So me & the kidlets were straight out there soaking up the sun while it lasted. I thought it was the perfect day for bubbles which Miss Ari has been asking to do for about a week now but we've been trapped indoors. So I thought I'd put a twist on basic bubble making & make them bigger & a little more hands on so this is what I did.

Get 2 straws, a piece of string 4 times the length of the straw (doesn't matter what kind of string). Cut the bendy part of the straw off so that you have 2 straight clean parts of the straw. Thread your string straight through both straws then tie a knot at the end of the string. Put the string so that the knot slips into one of the straws & you're all set :) Dip the straws & string into bubble mix then pull them out & separate the straws & bam! You got a big square bubble :)

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