Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Time Blogger Fail :)

Well, that is obviously me. I am a first time blogger, never even really been one to keep a diary or journal but I figured it's about time I do. Maybe one day my children will look back & see all the wonderful things we did & overcame through their upbringing within this blog. This is clearly my first entry so I might as well introduce myself. The few things that you won't find in my 'About Us' section is that I became a first time mummah bear at 15 years & 4 months old, and had my second kidlet at 16 years & 2 months old. Another thing not mentioned is that they are the 2 most amazing little monsters I have ever met & I am forever proud to say they are all mine! I have a 2 years 4 month old son Jaylen & a 3 years 2 month old daughter Arianna. We stick by each other just like every other family, we live together like every other family & we love each other all the same :) There is rarely a day where there isn't some kind of creative flare that is thrown into the daily schedule just to keep us all entertained. So I used to blog on my Facebook profile which is my entire social life (sad but true :L ), then I made a 'like' page on Facebook to share my creations, ranging from food, to art & craft, to learning activities for kidlets, eventually I branched out into a business and now decided to start a blog to document my story from now until (hopefully) the break-out of my business. I want to show my children that it is a possibility to come from nothing and make it somewhere big, so that is exactly what I am doing.

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