Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's Getting Colder...

So here in Melbourne, it's slowly getting colder & colder as it gets further into winter. Me & the kidlets are far from used to the cold weather here, being from the tropics we don't adjust well to southern winters. So today, again, we were trapped in the house but due to cold weather rather than rain. we didn't really have a theme today but we did make some macaroni pictures :)

We also had bookworm sandwiches for lunch. Made with a cucumber bookworm & cheese slices as the pages inside the bread book. (Although you can't really see the pages)

We also had a beach themed fruit snack for morning tea :) We used a banana as the palm tree trunk, kiwi fruit as the palm fronds, mandarin pieces as the sandy island & blueberries for the water :)

The kidlets really wanted to go outside today but it was very cold & mummah bear didn't want them to catch a cold, especially this close to my sales starting date for the business, which might I add makes ne very nervous and over-excited at the same time lately :L


  1. Aww your little book worm is adorable! And that is one awesome palm tree!! Thank you for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!

    1. Thanks & no problem :) I have plenty more food crafts on my facebook page - Creative Kidlets 101 :) It gets updated alot more often than my blog just out of habit haha