Thursday, June 21, 2012

Healthy Garden Snacks

So today it was very rainy & gloomy outside & I was running blank on craft ideas that the kids would actually be occupied with. So we just decided to make a giant CandyLand in their play room. This was the outcome and the kids love them. We used 2 paper plates glued together then 'bon-on style' wrapped them in cellophane for the hard candies on the wall, 2 small balloons 'bon-bon style' wrapped in cellophane for the round candies on the floor & for the kidlets giant lollypops we used a 1cm thick piece of plastic pipe for the stick, a small balloon for the candy part & cellophane over the top tied on with pink ribbons :)

We also had some healthy garden snacks, I didn't think hyping them up on sugar to match the CanyLand rumpus room would have been wise considering their already hyperactive & energetic personalities. 

For morning tea we had caterpillars :) I used a melon baller to shape melon for the body, blueberries for the eyes & thin slices of apple skin for the legs & antennae.

For afternoon tea we had flowers in the grass :) I sliced grapes in half for the petals & used a blueberry for the flower centre, a celery stick for the stem & shredded lettuce for the grass :)

It may have been gloomy outside today but nothing can rain on our parade that's for sure ;)

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