Friday, June 22, 2012

Grainy Day :)

I can't fully understand why but so far today all the kidlets have wanted is bread and biscuits, figuring it was healthy foods at least, I just went along with it. So for breakfast they got Robot Toast...

 Fairly simple to make. you only need one piece of toast to make the whole body & you use every piece of bread so you aren't wasting food either :) For ours we used vegemite spread, the white sections are cream cheese, the buttons on the belly are coco pops & the eyes are a halved grape :)

And for lunch they had a bunnies behind :) Eating a behind for lunch may seem somewhat rude but how can you think about that when you see how cute this is! For the grass I used shredded lettuce, the butterfly is 2 pieces of mandarin, the body is a rice cake & 2 Belvita breakfast biscuits & cheese circle cut outs :)

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